March – The Month of Penultimates

February – Palm Trees & Sun Shine!

January – ReNew Year!

Polar Bear Dipping

Polar Bear Dip 2013There is no doubt that taking the plunge in waters only fit for a polar bear is a Canadian tradition. Every year hundreds of Canadians across the country run, jump, dive and flip into the ice cold and often iced water on the first day of the New Year at noon. This is a tradition I never thought I would actually do, and was still on the fence the morning of the dip. But in light of my “Do Better” year, I figured why the hell not! I ran into the ice cold waters at Mispec Beach in Saint John, NB. Maybe next year I’ll jump into the ice at Dorchester, NB!

December – Finishing 2012 with a Smile :)

Yoga ♥

image“The difficulty was there all along. The yoga pose just gives you a chance to experience it and, it is hoped, release it. Our intimate relationships are shaped by our suffering. It is the process of unmasking this suffering that helps us to grow, to achieve true intimacy with others and to live fully. According to Patanjali, the future is bright. The choice to embrace it is ours.”


Wanderlust… A strong desire to travel:  “consumed by wanderlust”.


When things fall apart…

When things fall apart…
when things are shaky
Although the year is not going as “planned”… I can’t help but feel I’m on the verge of something great…